Download iDMSS lite for PC, Laptop – Windows 10

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Surveillance tools are easing the life of users for any time. From the best Android CCTV camera apps, today we are bringing a new and emerging camera app known as iDMSS. This app has 2 versions one is iDMSS Lite and other is iDMSS Plus. Now we are going to discuss iDMSS, its features, services and how to Download iDMSS Lite for PC.

iDMSS Lite is the prominent surveillance tool which shows the video coverage of connected IP Cams just on your samrtphones. This app is a complete package. Means, you don’t need to carry the LCDs or DVRs with you. Just connect the iDMSS app to the CCTV cameras through the link and that’s it.

iDMSS Lite for PC

If you are using cameras of a proper company like Hik, Nest, Zicom, Samsung or Sony than it will be much better. Remember maybe some branded camera will not like to connect with iDMSS Lite. Still, it supported most of the popular brand cameras. Problem is that iDMSS is not present on Android and Windows. Till now, it is available on iOS only. Through a technique, you can download iDMSS Lite for PC and Windows Laptop.

Download iDMSS Lite for PC:

iDMSS Lite
Version Varies with device
File Size 141.9 MB
Ratings 4.1
Requirements Windows 7/8/10/xp/Vista
Pricing Free
In-App Purchases Yes

How to Download and Install iDMSS Lite for PC:

This time the scenario is a little bit different. In our recent publications, we told our users how to run Android apps on PC using Android Emulators. In iDMSS Lite for PC case, we will use iOS Emulator to run this iOS App on PC. Maybe, its a new thing for you, iOS Emulator! It is a software which helps you run the iPhone, iPad, iPods applications on Windows PC.

The only drawback is, unlike Android emulators, there is very limited variety in iOS Emulators. According to our experience iPadian is the better choice for you. Visit the official site of iPadian. Now faster and stable iPadian 2 is available.

Rest of the procedure is the same as we do in Android Emulators. Still, if you need help on how to use iPadian, visit Snapchat for PC guide and follow the steps. The only thing which is change, you need to enter Apple ID maybe or maybe not instead of Google Account on iPadian.

iDMSS Lite Features:

  • Only a few apps support the Finger Guester feature while using them. Luckily iDMSS is one of those apps.
  • This app is free to download and use. Only a few services are paid but their charges are also equal to nothing.
  • Shows you all connected IP Camera videos in individual video tab for each.
  • Zoom-in features are available to focus on unclear things.
  • The best thing is here, which most of the CCTV application users want i.e Cloud Storage. iDMSS offers free cloud storage to its users and subscribers. Users can keep the backup of recordings of the month in it.
  • Playback videos whenever you are free.
  • Motion Detection Sensors, they will notify you on detection of any activity at night time.


iDMSS is not just a good surveillance tool but also the best alternative to V380 and IP Cam Viewer. These kinds of apps are designed for smartphones supported by Android and iOS. A smartphone screen is suitable for watching but not for monitoring. You need something bigger to focus on video coverage. If you use the surveillance tools like iDMSS on Laptop. It will be more useful and good. Zoom-in will be easy and you can easily focus on any specific thing during watching videos.

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