Download & Install EBookDroid For PC (Windows-Mac)

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EBookDroid is one of the best Android tool which allows users to read PDF & DJVU files. With this highly customizable app of document viewer, users can now easily read files on their Android Smartphones. This application supports formats such as DjVU, PDF, XPS, fb2, cbr, cbz and much more.EBookDroid has active installs over more than 5,000,000. The reason for its popularity is because of unique UI and customization options. Some of the users also want such kind of application on their Windows PC and MacBooks. But if I tell you that you can use this app EBookDroid on PC. Yes, now it’s possible. Now by using Android Emulators, you are able to use EBookDroid For PC on both Windows and Mac.

EBookDroid For PC perfectly works on Windows and Mac just like Android Smartphones. Using it on PC users can view all formats files without any issue. The best thing which I like about this application is that open all formats files directly from Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive etc. Open this application to see all files. Click on any file to view. Now you can easily read PDF files without any issue. As I have told you that you need to download and install Android Emulators to use EBookDroid For PC. There are many Emulators available in the market. But I suggest you should go with BlueStacks.

EBookDroid For PC

BlueStacks is available for both Windows and Mac Systems and thus you will be able to use EBookDroid For PC. Actually, BlueStacks Emulator includes Google Play Store which allows you to install EBookDroid on PC. To install EBookDroid on Windows and Mac follow this simple and step by step guide below.

How to Download and Install EBookDroid for PC (Windows & Mac)

Follow these easy steps in order to install EBookDroid for PC both Windows and Mac.

Step1: The first thing you need to do is to download and install the BlueStacks Emulator on your PC. It is available for both Windows and Mac OS. (Download Link for BlueStacks Emulator)

Step2: After the complete downloading of the file you need to install it on your PC System as you install other software on your PC. Follow on-screen instructions in order to install BlueStacks on PC.

Step3: You will see the icon of the Emulator on the Desktop of your PC. Double Click the icon in order to Open the Emulator.

Step4: At the top, you will see an icon of search. Use this icon and enter the word EBookDroid in it. Here you will see the results of the search.

Step5: Click on the icon of the app. It will ask you to enable the App store. Click on the continue option to enable it.

Step6: Now it asks you to enter Google Account. Here you need to enter your Gmail ID and Password in order to use Google Play Store features.

Step7: After adding your Gmail ID you will be promoted to the installation page. Here you need to click on the install button in order to get EBookDroid for PC.

Step8: Now go to the main homepage of BlueStacks. Here at the top, you will see MY APPS option. Click on this option. Here you will see the EBookDroid app. Click on the icon in order to use it on your PC.

That’s it. Hope the above steps help you to download and install EBookDroid for PC on both Windows and Mac OS. If you have any issue with the article or you are facing any issue while installing it on PC then you can use the comment section below in order to let us know. We are always here for you.

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